Advantages of Swani Reclaimed Rubber

  •   Lower power consumption resulting from shorter mixing cycles.
  •   Reduces viscosity and improves plasticity of rubber.
  •   improves physical properties.
  •   Low calendering, mixing and extrusion temperature
  •   Imparts better ageing properties in rubber products
  •   Improved penetration of fabric and cord
  •   Increased tack
  •   Lower swelling and shrinking during extrusion and calendering
  •   Improved reversion and ageing performance of NR compounds
  •   Lower raw material costs
  •   To accelerate dispersion of ingredients during compounding
  •   Provides excellent air retention, in case of tubes
  •   Reduces mould fouling, thus providing better quality control
  •   Imparts excellent thermal oxidation and colour stability
  •   Improves processibility in milling, mixing and extruding

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