Reclaim Rubber

Reclaim Rubber Process

Reclaim rubber is produced from used tyres and waste rubber and is considered to be the third source of rubber after natural and synthetic rubber. It is made by the process of de-polymerization. Where in vulcanized waste rubber is ground, then treated with application of heat, chemicals and is then intensely worked mechanically. The ground material is absolutely free of contaminants (steel, fibres, stones etc.) due to sophisticated separation & purification steps

Environment Friendly

Our prime concern is to make the world a better place by emphasizing on our environment. We minimise the environment hazards by reclaiming the disposed rubber and used tyres. Also, by doing this we created a product which is an alternate to the natural and synthetic rubber without compromising on the product quality and versatility.

Latest News

"Excited to meet you at India Rubber Expo 2017 - Booth No. - F-45"
Rubber Expo 2017 is the venue where we will showcase the incredible variety of products that are developed in the most eco-friendly way at the Swani Rubber Industries. Asia's largest rubber Expo, organized by All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA), is a prized platform to meet and collaborate with the most reputable names of the rubber industry. -17th to 21th Jan, 2017, Chennai, India

"REACH Compliance "
All the products and methods incorporated at Swani Rubber Industries are compliant with the REACH regulations. It is a valuable assurance for the clients that being the credible manufacturers of reclaim rubber, we assure to deliver highest quality products, manufactured according to the strict guidelines set by REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances). - Dec 2010

"Certified for ISO 9001-2008 compliance"
Swani Rubber Industries takes pride at being an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and adheres to serve the clients in the most steadfast and credible manner. Our focus lies on delivering the finest products of constant quality, while maintaining a systematic and customer focused approach. - 14th DEC 2011

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